I think..

Parents are supposed to love us Never intending to hurt us. Their demons ever overflowing Leaving us to survive in their depths. I think this is how the story goes. A young woman devoured in the valley of the shadows, I think she lost the battle, I think she found the bottle. Our relationship quickly... Continue Reading →


I'm optimistic. I'm pessimistic. I'm conservative. I'm liberal. I find warmth being basked in the light. I find comfort being shrouded in the dark. I desire the truth. I lie to all.  I call for peace and equality. I call for war and alienation. I extend a hand to those in need. I cut the... Continue Reading →

Through Childish Eyes

Through childish eyes I have become mature Carrying burdens that are not my own To protect the sister who looks up to me And to honor them who gave me life Out of love for the those who I honor I carry these burdens willingly Never calling out for help Because those older and wiser... Continue Reading →

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